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July 4th is one of the busiest days in Canyon Lake. It is important to plan ahead because the population at the lake increases to approximately 30,000 for the July 4th Holiday. Be sure to pay close attention to posted road closure signage and Community Patrol officers directing traffic the day of the event.


Gate Access and Guards

  • Direct your guests to the Main or East gates. Tell your guests to have photo I.D. ready at the gate and arrive as early as possible to avoid delays. Guests with pre-printed passes may use the middle lane at the Main and East gates.
  • All gates will have additional staff on hand from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. to walk the line and assist guests with verifying passes and entering the community.

Before The Show

  • Beginning at 2 p.m., Longhorn Drive will be closed at Strawberry Lane to Campground. Only residents of Longhorn, guests at the Campground, or emergency vehicles can go through this area. Guests should be prepared to show their guest passes with their host’s address or camping pass. All traffic, including pedestrian traffic to the Campground is stopped at 9 p.m. 


  • The following streets will close at 8:30 p.m. to all vehicles (including golf carts), however, pedestrians will be allowed: 
    • Lighthouse at Vacation
    • Canyon Club at Canyon Lake Drive
    • Main causeway from Village Way to Blue Teal.
    • Blue Teal will close to thru traffic once causeway is closed. 
    • No parking on Main, North or Longhorn causeways.

After The Show
Below are reminders to help make leaving Holiday Harbor and Lodge areas easier and quicker. Residents and guests will be directed to the quickest exit from the community by Community Patrol. Please keep in mind this could be in an alternate direction of your desired exit. Pedestrian traffic will be given priority along Canyon Club and the Main Causeway in the first 30 minutes after the show. The POA appreciates everyone’s cooperation in helping the exit process run smoothly.

  • Village Way – Due to traffic congestion, golf carts and vehicles exiting Village Way after the fireworks show will only be able to turn right onto Canyon Lake Drive South. 
  • Exiting the Lodge – In order to control traffic congestion of those exiting the Lodge area, after the show, vehicles and golf carts will be required to exit onto Lighthouse. Exiting Lighthouse, you may turn left or right onto Vacation Drive.
  • Vacation Drive – At the stop sign corner of Vacation Drive and Canyon Lake Drive North, vehicles exiting the show will only be able to make a left turn onto Canyon Lake Drive toward the East Gate




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