CLPOA Services

The Canyon Lake Property Owners Association (CLPOA) was incorporated in 1968. It is a not-for-profit corporation that is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the common areas in Canyon Lake, California. The purpose of the CLPOA is to promote the recreation, benefit, and enjoyment of the homeowners in Canyon Lake. The CLPOA's mission is to provide exceptional services that enhance the quality of life and sense of community, which makes Canyon Lake a desirable place to live and enjoy.


The CLPOA's operations are governed by the CLPOA's Governing Documents and the CLPOA is led by a five-member elected Board of Directors, all of whom serve on a voluntary basis. The CLPOA is comprised several departments that serve the community on many levels:

Local Government

The CLPOA maintains a relationship with the local government bodies and agencies in order to better serve the community of Canyon Lake and its residents.

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