Boat Registration

If you are considering purchasing a boat or recently purchased a new boat in Canyon Lake, please review the following instructions and the current edition of the Lake and Marina Section of the CLPOA's Rules & Regulations.

Member In Good Standing

Only members in good standing will be extended boat privileges. Unpaid assessments, security fines, horse boarding and unsolved CC&R violations may prevent the issuance of boat decals.

Assignment of Boating Privileges

The Prime Member may relinquish boating privileges to a Lessee with a minimum one year lease.

State Registration

A copy of the current year state registration must be submitted at the time of registration and also to Marine Patrol. The Prime Member, Co-owner on Title or Eligible Lessee must appear as a registered owner on the state registration. No exceptions will be made. All motorized vessels and sailboats over eight feet are required to be registered with the state.


Evidence of insurance is required for boats with the horsepower of 26 and above. The insurance document must demonstrate the following:

  • Prime Member / Eligible Lessee as named insured
  • Policy number and expiration date of the policy
  • Description of boat insured
  • $300,000 Minimum liability coverage per occurrence
  • Canyon Lake Property Owners Association named as an “Additional Insured” (Additional Interest or Certificate Holder will not be accepted) with our full address of:
    31512 Railroad Canyon Road
    Canyon Lake, CA 92587

Safety Inspection

A safety inspection must be obtained from Marine Patrol 951.244.6841 x415 or 951.246.3473 every other year. A safety inspection is required for all vessels that are required to be registered with the State. Please bring the State Registration and your CLPOA card to the inspection.

Safety Exam

Prior to obtaining a safety inspection, members must pass a boater's safety exam. Visit the Boating Safety Test page to take the safety exam.Once you’ve completed the exam, please print the results page and bring it with you to Marine Patrol.

Registration Fee

A $45 registration fee will be charged annually for each registration regardless of horsepower.

Lake Use Fees

In addition to the registration fee, the fee schedule is as follows:

  • No Power: None
  • 0 to 2 Horsepower: $45
  • 3 to 25 Horsepower: $165
  • 26 and over Horsepower: $300

Additional Information

Boats over 21 feet 6 inches in length are not permitted on Canyon Lake. Please note, watercraft's with no motor do not need to be registered with the CLPOA. Examples: kayaks, rowboats, paddle boards, pedal boats, etc.