Fishing is a favorite pastime here in Canyon Lake, and the Canyon Lake POA keeps the lake stocked giving it a reputation as one of the best fishing Lakes in the area. With 500 acres water, you can be sure to find a favorite spot to catch the big one. The Canyon Lake POA keeps the lake stocked with fish and recently added 800 crappies (sunfish), 1,000 bluegills, and 1,000 red ear sunfishes. 

Fishing Areas

Fishing is allowed on any part of the lake except:

  • Off the Main Causeway (East and West side)
  • Off the North Causeway (North and South side) between both parking lot entries,
  • Off the Treasure Island Causeway. 
  • Fishing is also prohibited from all common docks when boats and / or swimmers are present. 

Fishing Regulations

The following are rules for fishing in Canyon Lake, outlined in the Canyon Lake POA's Rules & Regulations.

  • All California fishing regulations apply. 
  • A California State Fishing License (16 years old or over) is required for fishing in Canyon Lake.
  • All guests must be accompanied by a member with a valid POA card.
  • The Canyon Lake Police Department and California State Game Warden may confiscate fishing gear for violation of California State fishing laws.
  • State Fishing license must be visible at all times.
  • Fishing rules are enforced by Community Patrol and / or Marine Patrol. Community and / or Marine Patrol will check for permits and compliance of the fishing rules.
  • Number of fishing poles per person shall not exceed the number licensed for on California Fishing License. Only one (1) pole per guest is allowed.
  • Night fishing is permitted in accordance with California Fishing Regulations.
  • Fishing person or persons must respect all private property.

Fishing Flotation Tube Requirements

  • Four 2" inch by 4" inch strips of reflective material in accordance with a license manufactured spaced evenly on the outside of the tube. 
  • One whistle (between the hours of almanac sundown and sunrise). 
  • One flashlight (between the hours of almanac sundown and sunrise). 
  • Whistle and flash-light shall be in possession of the fisherman. 
  • One approved lifejacket.
  • Guests will not be allowed to fish in / from a flotation device other than a dock or properly registered boat unless in close proximity of the Prime or Associate Member (close proximity is within 100 feet).