Fishing is a favorite pastime here in Canyon Lake, and the CLPOA keeps the lake stocked giving it a reputation as one of the best fishing Lakes in the area. With almost 400 acres of water, you can be sure to find a favorite spot to catch the big one. The CLPOA keeps the lake stocked with fish and recently added 800 crappies (sunfish), 1,000 bluegills, and 1,000 red ear sunfishes. 

Fishing Areas

Fishing is allowed on any part of the lake except:

  • Off the Main Causeway (East and West side)
  • Off the North Causeway (North and South side) between both parking lot entries,
  • Off the Treasure Island Causeway. 
  • Fishing is also prohibited from all common docks when boats and / or swimmers are present. 
  1. Fishing permits
  2. Fishing Regulations

Canyon Lake Fishing Permits are required for all guests (not in the company of a CLPOA member with appropriate CLPOA Identification.) The fee for this permit is per day, per week or per month. Fee information is available at the Member Services Desk. Canyon Lake Fishing Permits are available at the CLPOA's Member Services office and at Happy Camp. 

Before a permit is issued, the Prime Member of Associate Member and guest(s) must present themselves and proper license(s) along with a valid guest pass, if applicable. 

Each permit will have date of termination. Permits can be issued for a maximum of ten (10) days. The General Manager can grant additional time for house sitters or guests on extended stays. This extension should be applied for and completed in advance and authorization presented at time of permit issuance.

Guest Fishing Permits

The CLPOA issues guest fishing permits for member's to invite their guests to enjoy fishing in the lake as well. Guest Fishing Permits can be purchased at the Member Services office or at Happy Camp. 


Current rates are:

  • $5 per day
  • $20 for 10 days

Additional Information

Please note, a visiting guest cannot have more than one fishing pole. Guests can also get a Guest Fishing Permit without the homeowner present, the guest needs to bring their printed guest pass from the gate, their California State Fishing License, ID, and payment to the Member Services office or Happy Camp.