EVMWD Litigation Advisory Committee


The primary responsibility of the ad-hoc Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (EVMWD) Litigation Advisory Committee is to provide professional input, opinions, and recommendations with respect to the current litigation between the CLPOA and EVMWD and the litigation's effect on the real estate market.

View the EVMWD Litigation Advisory Committee Charter (PDF).

Committee Members

  • Steve Libring, Chairperson
  • Sabrina Alt
  • Tracy M. Heller
  • Dwight H. Johnson
  • Cathy Michener
  • Matt Poland
  • Ron Hill
  • Nate Volk
  • Jack Wamsley

Board Liaison

All Board Members

CLPOA Staff Liaison


Committee Meetings

This is an ad-hoc committee that meets as needed or as directed by the CLPOA's Board of Directors. Meetings are held in executive session and are posted on the CLPOA's calendar