Resident Access & Vehicle Registration

RFID Transponders

Canyon Lake has three access gates, the Main Gate, North Gate, and East Gate. Gates are guarded and residents can access the community most efficiently by obtaining an RFID transponder from the Member Services office at no charge. RFID transponders allow residents to use the RFID lane at all access gates. Residents can also obtain a vehicle decal that is affixed to their vehicle windshield.

  1. Homeowners
  2. Lessees
  3. Car Dealers
  4. Golf Cart


Each property is eligible to receive vehicle decal stickers without a charge. To get a decal, please visit the Member Services office with the vehicle’s current registration (the vehicle sticker will expire one month following the vehicle’s registration expiration date). Please note the following:

  • The vehicle must be registered to a member of the property.
  • If the vehicle is registered to a company, a letter from the company on company letterhead stating that the vehicle is to be solely used by the member and / or any authorized person must be presented with the vehicle.
  • If purchasing a new vehicle, please visit the Member Services office with the temporary registration provided by the DMV. 
  • Please note that all valid decals must be returned when a vehicle or property is sold.