July 4th Fireworks Show

July 4th is one of the Canyon Lake's busiest holidays! The population soars by thousands as residents host parties and barbecues all throughout the community. Plus, Canyon Lake has arguably the best fireworks show in the entire county of Riverside which makes it an even more attractive destination for our residents and their guests.

About the Fireworks Show

The fireworks show begins approximately at 9 p.m. and fireworks are launched from Skipper’s Island. New this year, spectators can tune into 99.9 FM to hear music synchronized to the fireworks show. Also, from the Lodge patio area, Mike Shroyer of Good Time Entertainment will be playing music leading up to the show.

Taking Responsibility

Residents are reminded the prime member is responsible for the actions of his or her family, guests, renters and lessees, this also includes any citations. Prime members are responsible to know the CLPOA's Rules & Regulations and are asked to be respectful of those in authority who are trying to enforce those rules and safety for everyone. The CLPOA and City of Canyon Lake ask that everyone cooperate with those in authority to help ensure a safe holiday. The personal safety and enjoyment of all residents and guests is top priority, and strict enforcement of the law will be applied throughout the weekend.

  1. Happy Camp Lottery
  2. Holiday Harbor Table Lottery

Registration June 9 - June 15 at Happy Camp
Lottery June 16 at 9 a.m. at Happy Camp

The recently renovated Happy Camp is anticipated to be a popular spot for the July 4th fireworks show this year. Happy Camp will host a campsite lottery 9 a.m. on Saturday, June 16 at Happy Camp. Sign-ups for this lottery are being taken at Happy Camp through Friday, June 15. Only prime/associate members in "good standing" with the CLPOA can participate in the lottery, and they must be present at the lottery (be sure to bring CLPOA ID card) for a chance to win a site.  

New this year, reservations will be site-specific and upon winning a site members must provide their reservation name and reservation dates. Waterfront sites will have a five-day minimum (including the holiday) required, while off water sites will have a three-day minimum (including the holiday). A deposit for all days must be made upon winning a site, and deposits are non-refundable Only one site will be awarded per tract-lot and sites may not be sold or transferred (fines will be issued for failure to comply with this rule).

For more information about the July 4th Happy Camp Lottery please contact Happy Camp at 951.244.6841 x650.


  1. Guest Passes & Information
  2. Gate Access & Guards

Holiday Guest Passes

With July 4th being one of Canyon Lake's busiest holidays, the CLPOA's Member Services and Community Patrol staff will be heavily focused managing guest access. Those inviting guests into the community are encouraged to request pre-printed guest passes. Members can get pre-printed passes by submitting a list to the CLPOA's Member Services office that includes; tract-lot number, date of visit, date of departure, member contact phone number, driver’s first and last name (as it appears on their license). Remember to put your request for pre-printed passes in at least one week before the holiday so you have enough time to distribute passes to your guests.

Information For Your Guests

It is important to remind your guests that they must have a valid driver’s license in their possession when entering the community. Also, advise your guests to know your address, this will help the Community Patrol verify their information quicker at the gates.  


  1. Before The Show
  2. After The Show

Beginning at 2 p.m., Longhorn Drive will close at Strawberry Lane to Happy Camp. Only Longhorn Drive residents, guests at Happy Camp, or emergency vehicles may pass. Guests should be prepared to show their guest passes with their host’s address, or camping pass if they are staying at Happy Camp.

The following closures will occur at 8:30 p.m., 30 minutes before the show:

  • Lighthouse Drive at Vacation Drive
  • Canyon Club Drive at Canyon Lake Drive North & South
  • Main Causeway from Village Way Drive to Blue Teal Drive
  • Blue Teal Drive will close once causeway is closed
  • All traffic (including pedestrian traffic) to Happy Camp is stopped at 8 p.m.
  • No parking on Main, North or Longhorn causeways


  1. Boat Registration
  2. Boats During Fireworks Show

Unregistered boats are not permitted on the lake. Marine Patrol will be verifying boats for current registration at all launch ramps. Unregistered boats are subject to a $500 citation. Those who need to have a safety inspection completed on their boats in order to register them should call Marine Patrol at 951.244.6841 x415 to schedule an appointment.