Holiday Harbor Amphitheater

Holiday Harbor Amphitheater Rendering
Holiday Harbor Amphitheater Rendering


The CLPOA's Board of Directors approved building a proper amphitheater at Holiday Harbor Park in the slope area facing the lake. The amphitheater will include a new stage, light and sound infrastructure, and multi-level seating. The Canyon Lake Fine Arts Guild donated $25,000 towards this new amenity. 

Scope of Work

The amphitheater will include a 20ft x 30ft stage with Alumawood lattice top, stage lighting, and sound infrastructure. There will be multi-level seating for a total of six levels, the average wall height between each level will be approximately  24". There will also be stairs that run adjacent to the seating levels for easy access on each side.

Project Status

The project is in the permitting and planning phase.

Project Benefits

Holiday Harbor plays host to a variety of community events throughout the year from movie nights, to concerts, to festivals, and more. The new amphitheater will provide a proper stage with light and sound setup along with more functional efficient seating during these events.  Residents who enjoy music and the outdoors will benefit from this stunning new amenity.

When not being utilized for community events, the amenity may be reservable for weddings, receptions, and other private events. It will make the perfect setting for these types of events overlooking the beautiful lake.


During the Regular Session Board Meeting on March 6, 2018 the Board approved the total project cost at $83,836.02, with a 5% contingency to come from the Capital Improvement Fund, 05-670. The Canyon Lake Fine Arts Guild donated $25,000 towards this new amenity.