Pavement Project

In 2012-13, the Canyon Lake POA entered into a $7,800,000 paving project which involved the majority of the roads within the community. That project did not include resurfacing any of the 15 parking lots within the community, Happy Camp, or Canyon Lake Drive North, east of Vacation Drive. Happy Camp was completely repaved during the Campground Renovation Project. However, the rest of these areas are badly in need of renovation, especially the Lodge and Country Club parking lots. The Lodge project will feature a new concrete ADA ramp and staircase down to the rental docks and walking pathway, and new retaining walls, planters, and additional parking spaces.

In 2016, Willdan Engineering was contracted to put together a set of bid documents for these remaining areas. They were tasked with evaluating each area for ADA compliance, and possible expansion and reconfiguration in order to create the maximum available parking spaces in each area. Further, they were asked to evaluate each area for effective drainage and to incorporate other features suggested by the community members and staff.

Project Locations

The following locations will be resurfaced: 
  • Blue Bird Hall
  • Canyon Lake Drive North (from Vacation Drive to Goetz Road)
  • Canyon Lake Golf & Country Club
  • Diamond Point Park
  • Eastport Park
  • Equestrian Center Driveway Entrance
  • Gault Field
  • Holiday Harbor Park
  • Indian Beach
  • Lodge/Tennis/Sunset Beach
  • Moonstone Beach
  • North Ski East & West
  • Operations Yard
  • Senior Center
  • Sierra Park

Project Schedule

The first phase of this project will be the Country Club parking lot during the annual golf course overseeding closure in October

Project Updates

  • June 2019
    - Request for Proposal Published
  • July 2019
    - Request for Proposal closed, three bids received ranging from $3,400,000 to $4,600,000
  • August 2019
    - Final vendor selected
    - Board approved funding for this project in an amount not to exceed $3,425,000