Special Election

Canyon Lake Property Owner’s Association’s Board of Directors have worked closely with legal counsel and staff to develop the proposed 2019 Special Election Ballot Measures. These amendments will address:

These measures have been selected to help modernize and enhance the Canyon Lake POA's Governing Documents by adapting to the needs of the community and industry standards, and to better stabilize the governing board. 

Exhibits to Amendments (PDF)

Fiscal Impact

If all ballot measures are approved, additional copy, print, distribution and administrative costs per page in the election packet may apply. Election of Board Directors average at a total of $40,000 per election. Significant election and administrative related costs are expected to be reduced by extending terms and having a bi-yearly election. In addition, significant administrative savings are projected if six (6) foot fence and modern roof material requests can be approved at the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) or staff level. 

Election Schedule

Notices of the annual election, election schedule, and ballot materials will be announced and mailed to members once the election date is selected.

The election is meant to conclude once the highest quorum requirements have been met, which may take several months and adjourned meetings with an expected completion by mid-January. All ballots will be processed by the Canyon Lake POA's Inspector of Election.

Election Questions & Answers

Q: Is voting on all of the measures required or can I vote on only one?

A: You may select only the measures you would like to vote on. It is not required for members to vote on every measure. 

Q: What if I don’t want to cast a vote on the measures, but want to help reach quorum?

A: By marking the box that says ‘for quorum purposes only’ you are forfeiting the right to vote on any measures, but will help reach quorum.

Q: Why does the number for quorum change?

A: The quorum requirement may change as members come into and out of bad standing. 

Q: Who can vote?

A: The Prime Member of record, on each lot, who is in good standing with the Association, may vote.