Remove Proxy Voting


Articles of Incorporation Amendment to Remove Proxy Voting


This measure seeks to eliminate all language in the Articles of Incorporation that references the use of ‘proxies’ to be consistent with the 2016 Bylaw amendment, eliminating the use and practice of proxies in all of the Canyon Lake POA’s Governing Documents. By approving this amendment, the Articles of Incorporation will be consistent with the Bylaw amendment, eliminating the use of proxy voting.

Questions & Answers

Q: Didn’t we already remove the use of proxies?

A: Yes, this was already approved by vote of Canyon Lake Property Owner’s Association Members at a duly noticed meeting as a Bylaw revision; however, the Articles of Incorporation include conflicting language that present an inconsistency with the Bylaw Amendment. Therefore; an update to the Articles of Incorporation is needed to provide for clear declaration in all of the Association’s governing documents as to the discontinued use of proxies. 

Q: How many votes are needed to meet quorum for this item?

A: The quorum requirement for this item is one-third 1/3 of the voting power.

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