Remove Cumulative Voting


Bylaw Amendment to Remove Cumulative Voting  


The stability of the governing board depends on balanced representation of the membership within the community. This can be hampered by both the ability for interested groups to collect proxies and encourage cumulative voting to elect a candidate of their choice. This process, when coupled with the 2-year terms and annual elections has led to a new board every year that can radically change the course of the community every year based on the actions of a minority of members. 

The process of stabilization has started by eliminating proxy voting a few years ago and with this special election, we seek to extend the terms to four years, eliminate cumulative voting, and hold elections every 2 years. If approved, this change will not change the number of members who need to vote to make quorum and will encourage members to vote for those they believe will best serve the community. This measure was recently on the ballot in 2016 where it failed by approximately 10 votes. It is proposed as a measure on the ballot again based on member feedback and industry standards that recommend the elimination of the outdated practice of cumulative voting.

Questions & Answers

Q: How many votes are needed to meet quorum for this item?

A: The quorum requirement for this item is one-third 1/3 of the voting power. 

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