Extend Board Director Terms


Bylaw Amendment to Extend Future Board Director Terms to Four (4) Years 


Canyon Lake POA is an intricate large-scale master association with multi-year large-scale repair and modernization projects always in process. Efficient operations and implementation of projects are significantly hindered by annual changes in the board. This measure was placed on the ballot to help further align with modern practices, to improve efficiency and governance by avoiding the annual turn-over of the Board Directors, and to add stability in the Canyon Lake POA’s governance.

Questions & Answers

Q: How will we transition from annual election for two-year terms to elections every 2 years with four terms?

A: The 2020 Annual Election for the Board of Directors will elect 2 Directors for three-year terms 2020-2023. The following year, 2021, three directors will be elected for four-year term 2021-2025, with elections thereafter held every other year (2027, 2029, etc.)

Q: How many votes are needed to meet quorum for this item?

A: The quorum requirement for this item is one-third 1/3 of the voting power.    

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