5 Foot Fence Height Restriction


CCR Amendment to Remove the Five-Foot Fence Height Restriction 


Over the years the community has requested 6-foot fences to improve privacy. In recent years, Canyon Lake POA Boards have agreed with this request and based on an informational poll two years ago, began routinely accepting requests for 6-foot fences on a case by case basis. After approving dozens of fences without complaint or protest, it is clear that the community is in favor of this change.

Questions & Answers

Q: Don’t we already allow six (6) foot fences?

A: Yes, so long as the Board of Directors approve a variance for the life of the improvement at a duly noticed Regular Session Board Meeting. This process has become a standard practice for Canyon Lake POA to accommodate the standard industry practice of increased privacy and security by way of a fence up to six (6) feet in the community setback. By approving this amendment, members would have an express right to fences at this height now and into the future; given it’s approved by the ACC. 

Q: How many votes are needed to meet quorum for this item?

A: The quorum requirement for this item is two-thirds 2/3 of the voting power.    

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