Revise Roof Material


CC&R Amendment to Revise Roof Material  


The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and staff are barred from approving certain modern roof material applications as a “Legal Nonconforming Use” due to the restrictions in the CC&Rs. Due to the changes in California Health and Safety Code, which have now placed specific restrictions on the roof material currently allowed in the CC&Rs, it is recommend that the CC&Rs are updated to allow different roof materials, including fire retardant materials that are in compliance with California Health and Safety Code as a legal nonconforming use. By approving this amendment, Canyon Lake will have the ability to comply with modern California Health and Safety Code requirements and approve modernized material.  

Questions & Answers

Q: How many votes are needed to meet quorum for this item?

A: The quorum requirement for this item is two-thirds 2/3 of the voting power.

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