Speed Enforcement

The Canyon Lake POA owns and maintains the private streets within the community of Canyon Lake, CA. The Canyon Lake POA  is responsible for enforcing all of the Rules & Regulations which include the posted speed limits. 

General Rules, 5.1c - Maximum Speed Limit Requirements 

A maximum speed limit of thirty-five (35) miles per hour is posted on the following major thoroughfares: Canyon Lake Drive North and South, Continental Drive, Vacation Drive, and Longhorn Drive. All other streets carry a maximum speed limit of twenty-five (25) miles per hour. Posted speed limits within the community will be enforced by Community Patrol and may be enforced through, but not limited to, the use of radar speed guns, radar speed enforcement cameras or other speed enforcement systems. NOTE: Any person who receives additional speeding citations within thirty-six (36) months of a previous offense shall be subjective to a progressive fine after notice and an opportunity to be heard. The progressive fine shall be compounded for each additional offense.

Posted speed limits and signs informing drivers that radar/photo enforcement is used within the community can be found in multiple locations on the Canyon Lake POA private roads throughout the community.

Speed Limit

Speed Trailers

Speed Trailer

In 2018 the Canyon Lake POA deployed two RU2 Fast 650 Radar Speed Trailers as a means to promote traffic safety by alerting drivers to their vehicle speed and photo documenting vehicles who choose to exceed the posted speed limit. These units have been very effective in providing traffic calming and 24/7 rule enforcement.

Manufacturer Description

Designed for private-party use in industrial, commercial and community applications, RU2 Systems now offers an economical means of photo-documenting speed violations. Based on approach-only K-band radar the system records the rear license plate and general (departing) impression of any vehicle exceeding a given trigger speed. This threshold is set in 1 MPH/KPH increments at time of deployment. Operating day or night thanks to low-Lux IR sensitive machine vision camera, the captured image is overlaid with time/date stamp and the offender’s trigger speed. Unlike constant-on video systems, only those vehicles in violation are recorded.

Accuracy & Calibration

Each radar unit is equipped with an internal self-test that is performed before locked speeds are displayed and at 4 minute intervals. Once the speed trailer is deployed, Community Patrol will also conduct a drive-by to ensure that the speed displayed matches their speedometer in addition to their dash-mounted radar unit. The speed trailer radar is accurate to within +/- 1 MPH. It is recommended that radar units are tested every 3 years to ensure calibration. The Canyon Lake POA chooses to have the radar units tested annually by an independent laboratory which is typically conducted in February.