Dog Park Phase 2

Dog Park Location
Dog Park Conceptual Rendering

In 2016, the Canyon Lake POA added a fenced-in small and large dog park at Eastport Park where dogs can roam leash-free. Since then, the park has become very popular and is enjoyed by many of our 4 legged friends.  To accommodate the heavy use at this park, the Board approved a new design for the small dog park area in April 2019.  

Project Details

The new small dog park will be re-located adjacent to the existing large dog park, on the west end of the park in front of the Eastport Activities Room. It will have artificial grass, which many other cities have installed due to maintenance and long term cost. Instead of being a flat area, the new area will have three large mounds in center and a rear turf area for elevation changes. The new area will also include a decomposed granite walking path lined by concrete mow curbing. There will be ample shade with  two new shade structures and four new trees for a total of six trees. There will also be improved drainage. The current small dog park area will once again become an open space for other uses, and the shade structure currently there will remain. The existing concrete walk ways leading to the main dock and the steep concrete path from the street to dock will be removed. The pathway will be replaced with more a more gradual  pathway from the parking lot.  Additionally, stairs with a railing will replace the steep pathway. A 30 foot ramp with railings on both sides leading to the main dock will replace the existing aged wooden ramp. Picnic tables and a low retaining wall under a new shade sail will also be added.

Project Status

The Canyon Lake POA Board approved this project at the Regular Session Board Meeting on April 2, 2019. Work on the new park began on February 4, 2020. 

Project Duration

  • Start Date: February 4, 2020
  • Anticipated Completion Date: March 5, 2020

Project Funding

  • Board Approval Date: April 2, 2019
  • Fund:  Repair & Replacement Fund
  • Approved Amount: $42,123.41

Project Album

Dog Park Phase 2