Repair & Replacement Projects

Below is the list of Repair & Replacement Projects compiled by the 2019/20 Board of Directors and Facilities Planning Committee.

Projects Approved for Further Development 
General - Replace Unsafe Concrete Slabs - Mailboxes
Projects Approved for Conceptual Planning
Campground - Upgrade Restrooms / Relocate Office
Holiday Harbor - New Fixed Equipment for Kitchen
Lake - Erosion Control - Treasure Island / Happy Camp
Lodge - Upgrade Lighting - Holiday Bay Room
Parks - Moonstone Beach - Playground Equipment
Road - Canyon Lake Drive South - Median Landscape Replacement - Main Gate to Bluebird
Projects Under Consideration by Board of Directors and Facilities Planning Committee
General - Landscaping Master Plan
General - Reserve Study - Reevaluate / Correct / Update
Golf Course - Repair / Replace Irrigation System - Pumps / Weather Station, etc.
Lake - Lighthouse Foundation Repairs