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Posted on: November 6, 2020

11.06.2020 | Board Meeting Discussion

Board Update_11.06.2020

Board Meeting Discussion: Items that Address Member Concerns

Time is allocated each month at the Regular Session Board Meeting to discuss issues of concern to the directors and the members as we seek to continually enhance our services and community. These discussions often lead to new or revised rules and policies. The Davis Sterling Act stipulates that public meetings are the only opportunity the entire Board has to deliberate together on all issues except those related to legal matters, personnel, or contracts. It is a good law because it provides the opportunity for members to listen and participate in all discussions that seek to address community concerns.  

 The November 9th Board meeting will include a number of important topics related to trailer, RV, and motorcycle parking, proposed changes to the Facility Use Policy, the proposed Budget Model for 21-22 and who  is responsible for Service Provider/Delivery Service Citations. All members are encouraged to review the background material that will be included in the Agenda package (insert link), and share their thoughts at the meeting or by email to

 Canyon Lake has an effective system for controlling and documenting the vehicles entering our community. Members have POA Cards and RFID stickers that permit automatic entry and all guests, delivery services and service providers have to be pre-registered or called in by a member to gain access. Contactors can register and purchase an annual pass. When non-member owned vehicles enter, they have to show ID, announce where they are going that matches the call-in information and are issued a pass for a designated period. 

 Under our current rules, Members who call in guest, delivery service, or service providers are responsible for their citations. It has become very evident that speeding citations for delivery services and service providers have become a particular problem when the violators are visiting multiple addresses and at times not personally identified by the member receiving their service or delivery. It does not seem fair to hold the member who calls them in responsible when they may not know who they are or if they actually visited their address.  When such citations are appealed they are often cancelled.

 The Board is planning to explore this problem and possible solutions that are efficient, fair and do not degrade the quality of our entry security. We have asked Cory Gorham to explain the current situation and set the stage for the discussion. No decisions will be made, nor conclusions drawn during this time. It will be an opportunity to understand and think about what we might do. We need your help.

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