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Posted on: November 27, 2020

11.27.2020 | Discussion Items

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The next Regular Session Board Meeting will be held virtually on Tuesday, December 1 at 6 p.m. Among a rather full agenda are three Board Discussion Items that will benefit from community input. All are related to how our community looks and will likely result in future Board Action Items.  These are important issues to consider as we work towards becoming a resort-style community for permanent residents that respects and meets our diverse membership expectations. The link to the meeting will be on the front page of the website. 

Proposed Architectural Standard for Canyon Lake POA Facilities and Grounds

As a 50-year-old community, it is no surprise that we have a wide variety of architectural styles. There are many examples of consistent style throughout the community at facilities like the Lodge, the golf course, and at some of our original parks. There are also a handful of buildings built with economy in mind that do not match their surroundings or contribute to the community's beauty. The new Marine Patrol Building at Holiday Harbor and the meeting room at Eastport are examples. As we move toward adding new facilities, it is important to set an appropriate architectural standard that strikes a balance between beauty and economy.

GR.5.3 Parking of Vehicles within the Canyon Lake Community

Members of the community own a lot of cars, boats, RV's. To some, it is a delight to see all the "toys" and imagine the pleasure they bring to their owners. To others, they are a constant nuisance that block views, detract from the community's appearance, and contribute to the parking problems that exist. The Board has received many emails expressing the need for additional rules related to parking. These are summarized in the Board Agenda package.

Compliance with Planning and Compliance Rules & Regulations 

The CC&Rs for the community include details related to the operation of the Canyon Lake POA. There are two sections that apply to the development of the community facilities and grounds. The Canyon Lake POA is directed to maintain the property at least as good as the County of Riverside maintains their property. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is also directed to approve all structures or improvements planned for any lot before work begins. Beginning this year, the Canyon Lake POA has made an effort to consult with the ACC about projects, but no formal approval has been sought. Members have asked why they are held to stricter standards than the Canyon Lake POA.

Open discussions about community concerns is an important role for the Board. Please review the Agenda Package on the website and plan to join the discussion this Tuesday, December 2 (click here for meeting details).  You can also send your thoughts by email to  

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07.31.2020 | North Ski Area Use

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