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Posted on: January 8, 2021

01.08.2021 | Community Aesthetics

Board Update_01.08.2021

Canyon Lake is a unique community because of its size, age, individualized development over time, and the wisdom of the developers who established governing documents that control how we appear, live, and work together. Our CC&Rs establish the requirements and include how to create and regulate the community’s aesthetics. This includes what kind of structures can be built, their appearance and that of the area in general, and how the site and improvements must be maintained. 

Property Aesthetics

Our rules related to the appearance of common areas and individual member’s property are based on the following principles taken from the governing documents and overseen by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).

  1. The design or color scheme of the proposed building or other structure is in harmony with the general surroundings 
  2. All improvements are not contrary to the interests, welfare or rights of all or any part of the community
  3. 3. The improvement enhances and protects the value, desirability, and attractiveness of the community

The goal is for the community to work together to create and maintain consistently clean, attractive neighborhoods, homes, and recreational amenities that promote quality living.   

Community Aesthetics

Since this community was established in 1968, a wide variety of buildings, facilities, and common areas are already developed with the influence of many different people, Boards, and management. We have over 50 buildings and facilities that were built decades apart. These amenities support a wide variety of recreational activities related to lake, golf course, equestrian center, camping, facility use, and dining. Our facilities include a wide variety of colors and design styles but lack the general consistency to suggest a unified planned community.  

Moving Forward

The Board is interested in moving toward consistency and standards in the colors, styles, and materials we use within the community that represent the current core values, purpose, and vision of the community moving forward. We are a family-oriented community with a wide range of demographics that aspires to become one united, sought after resort-style community for the permanent residents with a wide variety of recreational interests. We believe that an architectural standard that establishes guidelines for remodeling and adding future facilities, grounds, and landscaping is needed. 

Building on the extraordinary work of our General Manager and his staff over the past two years to modernize and bring consistency to the quality of our facilities and our appearance, we have prepared a set of Proposed Architectural Standards that will be presented at the January 12 Board Meeting, and offered for review by the community. We hope you will take the time to review it and let us know your thoughts. 

Contact Us

As always, we encourage you to email the Board at or attend our Board Meetings. Our next Board Meeting is on Tuesday, January 12 at 6 p.m. This meeting will be a virtual meeting through Zoom and members may join at

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