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2018/19 Board
Pictured above are the CLPOA's 2018/19 Board of Directors (from left to right): Jim Barringham, Dale Welty, Michael (Mike) Harris, Tom Nathan, and Phil Hawgood

2018 Board of Directors Election Results

The CLPOA is pleased to announce the following candidates have been elected to the 2018/20 Board of Directors:

  1. Dale Welty | View Dale's Resume of Qualifications
  2. Jim Barringham| View Jim's Resume of Qualifications

The final vote count is:

  • Dale Welty – 1,038 votes
  • Jim Barringham – 1,012 votes
  • Dudley Thompson – 937 votes
  • Paul Queen – 2 votes
  • Mickey Mouse – 2 votes
  • Chuck Moreno – 1 vote

The Board of Director Officers for 2018/19 are:

  • President – Michael Harris
  • Vice President – Phil Hawgood
  • Treasurer – Tom Nathan
  • Secretary – Dale Welty
  • Director – Jim Barringham

Advisory Votes Results

There were two proposed advisory votes to determine the community's interest in Community Patrol preferences and a proposed "all-inclusive assessment" structure. Below are the results of those items. Please note, advisory votes do not constitute a formal vote, they will be used as a survey to help gauge interest.

Community Patrol Services

The purpose of this advisory vote was to determine the community’s top priority when evaluating Community Patrol decisions. The advisory vote asked members to rate which was most valuable:

  • Conveniences (ease of access and relaxed gate policies)
  • Cost Savings (taking significant cost-saving measures)
  • High Level of Patrol (high level of Community Patrol services and stricter controls)

Results: There were 1,026 votes for high level of patrol, 623 votes for cost savings, and 283 for conveniences. The majority were in favor of high level of patrol. 

All-Inclusive Assessment

The purpose of this advisory vote was to determine the community’s interest in a streamlined fee structure that would eliminate additional fees to all members for golf cart and vessel registration decals; vehicle RFID stickers; lake, golf, and facility use fees; CLPOA sponsored instructional activities; and would also include an estimated $400 annual dining/bar credit at the CLPOA restaurants. The increase to current member assessments under this proposed structure is currently estimated to be $560 annually or $47 monthly.

Results: 381 in favor and 1,077 against. The majority were not in favor of this all-inclusive assessment advisory vote.   

IRS Revenue Rule 70-604 Measure Results

The IRS Revenue Rule 70-604 Measure included on this year's ballot would allow the CLPOA to utilize this IRS ruling to avoid taxation on excess member income.  IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604 allows a homeowner association to either refund or roll over excess member income that may inadvertently arise in a given tax year without paying additional taxes on that excess income. This measure specifically informed members that any excess assessment income over the CLPOA's expenses as defined in the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 277, for the fiscal year 2018/19 shall be applied against the CLPOA's member assessment in the fiscal year 2019/20, as provided by the IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604.

Results: 1,190 in favor and 221 against. The majority were in favor of this measure. 

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