Ballots for the 2019 Special Election have been mailed to all prime members in good standing with the Canyon Lake POA. Ballots may be returned via mail (the last day recommended to mail is October 24) or there will be a ballot box available at the Member Services office during regular business hours.

Election day is October 28 at the Canyon Lake Lodge and ballots may also be dropped off that day from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.

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Fence Height
  • Common heights for backyard fences today is between 6 and 8 feet. The Canyon Lake POA’s CC&Rs only allow up to 5-foot fences.
  • With several fence appeals coming to the Board every month, it’s evident the community favors a change to allow for six-foot fences in our CC&Rs
  • By voting to approve this amendment, the acceptance of six-foot fences will be formalized in the CC&Rs.

  • The Canyon Lake POA’s CC&Rs do not allow the Board or Architectural Control Committee to approve modern roof materials.
  • There have been significant changes in California health and safety code that places restrictions on roof materials, including fire retardant materials.   
  • By voting to approve this amendment, Canyon Lake POA will have the ability to allow members to use modern-day material that aligns with the latest California health and safety requirements.

  • Proxy voting is a form of voting whereby one may delegate their vote to another representative or group. Proxy voting was removed from the Bylaws in 2016.
  • By voting to approve this amendment, the Articles of Incorporation will be consistent with the Bylaws. 

  • Cumulative voting is a system under which if there are three open seats during a board election, one member may cast all three of their votes for one candidate. This process, when coupled with the 2-year terms and annual elections has led to a new board every year that can radically change the course of the community every year based on the actions of a minority of members.
  • By voting to approve this amendment, cumulative voting will be removed from the Bylaws and there will be a better chance for more consistently balanced boards. 

Board Terms
  • Efficient operations are significantly hindered by annual changes in the board. This measure was placed on the ballot to improve efficiency and governance by avoiding the annual turn-over of the Board Directors, and to add stability in the Canyon Lake POA’s governance.
  • By voting to approve this amendment, Board terms will be changed to four-year terms in the Bylaws.
  • This would begin with the 2020 Annual Election which two directors would be elected for three-year terms (2020 - 2023), then in 2021, three directors would be elected to four-year terms. Elections would take place every other year thereafter.

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