Brownie Troop #1735

Alissa Rackstraw
Canyon Lake, CA 92587
Email: Email Alissa Rackstraw

Canyon Lake 9er's Golf Club

Sheryl Lewis
Phone: 949-697-9351
Email:Email Sheryl Lewis

Canyon Lake Art Association

Joanie Evarts
Phone: 951-454-0833
Email:Email Joanie Evarts
Link: Canyon Lake Art Association

Canyon Lake Bassmasters

Travis Smith
Phone: 951-525-7550
Email:Email Travis Smith

Canyon Lake Bible Club

Thor Ramsey
Canyon Lake, CA 92587
Phone: 951-662-9496
Email:[email protected]

Canyon Lake Car Club

Perry Beggs
Phone: 951-970-6627
Email:Email Perry Beggs
Link: Canyon Lake Car Club

Canyon Lake Chair Volleyball

Barry Ward
Phone: 662-617-0923
Email: Email Barry Ward
Link: Canyon Lake Chair Volleyball Club Website

Canyon Lake Choraleers

Larry Garland
Phone: 508-498-6210508-498-6210
Email: Email Larry Garland

Canyon Lake Co-ed Softball

Gina Pinto
Phone: 858-829-6554
Email: Email Gina Pinto

Canyon Lake Community Theater

Coco Morrison
Phone: 951-204-7777
Email: Email Colleen Morrison

Canyon Lake Cub Scouts - Pack 346

Cassie Abraham (Liaison)
Phone: 951-264-4676
Email: Email Cassie Abraham

Canyon Lake Equestrian Club

Kathy Mulcahy
Phone: 909-578-6172
Email: Email Kathy Mulcahy

Canyon Lake Family Golf

Paul Holm
Phone: 760-415-8830
Email:Email Paul Holm
Link: Canyon Lake Family Golf Club Facebook Page

Canyon Lake Family Matters

Shawna Bowen
Phone: 714-394-4885
Email: Email Family Matters Club

Canyon Lake Fine Arts Guild

Bonnie Dubs
Phone: 951-764-0070
Email:Email Bonnie Dubbs
Link: Canyon Lake Fine Arts Guild Website

Canyon Lake Junior Women's Club

Iris Stricklin
Phone: 310-597-5355
Email: Email Iris Stricklin
Link: Canyon Lake Junior Women's Club Website

Canyon Lake K-9 Club

Rita Robles
Phone: 951-566-7404
Email: Email Rita Robles

Canyon Lake Lions Club

Bob Hurts
Phone: 951-233-0355
Email: Email Bob Hurts

Canyon Lake Little League

Marcos Frias
Phone: 805-297-5910
Email: Email Marcos Frias
Link: Canyon Lake Little League

Canyon Lake Men's Golf Club

Bruce Wallace
Phone: 602-329-9338
Email: Email Bruce Wallace

Canyon Lake Ocean Dwellers

Anton Riniti
Phone: 909-559-0735
Email: Email Anton

Canyon Lake Pickleball Club

Phone: 951-244-4850

Canyon Lake Roadrunners

Chuck Call
Phone: 951-733-6663
Email: Email Chuck Call

Canyon Lake Ski Club

Mike Kerber
Email: Email Mike Kerber
Link: Canyon Lake Ski Club website

Canyon Lake Street Carts

Mike Shroyer
Phone: 951-265-8421
Email: Email Mike Shroyer

Canyon Lake Tennis Club

Bobby Kielty
Phone: 951-760-1813
Email:Email Bobby Kielty

Canyon Lake Travel Club

Cathy Buell
Phone: 951-244-4850
Email: Email Cathy Buell
Link: Canyon Lake Travel Club Website

Canyon Lake Triathlon & Fitness Club

CL Triathlon & Fitness Club
Email: Email the Triathlon Club
Link: Canyon Lake Triathlon Club Website

Canyon Lake Veterans & First-Responders Group

Canyon Lake, CA 92587
Email: [email protected]

Canyon Lake Wakeboard Club

Craig Brown
Canyon Lake, CA 92587
Phone: 714-932-7007
Email: Email Wakeboard Club
Link: Canyon Lake Wakeboard Club Website

Canyon Lake Woman's Club

Alexis Prince
Phone: 714-609-9408
Email: Email Alexis Prince
Link: Canyon Lake Woman's Club Website

Canyon Lake Women's Golf Club

Ina Pickard
Phone: 951-244-3062
Email: Email Ina Pickard

Canyon Lake Yacht Club

Dave Dain
Phone: 714-580-9358
Email: Email Dave Dain
Link: Canyon Lake Yacht Club Website


Email: [email protected]

Helping Hands Group

Robert Sasser
Phone: 951-445-2354
Email: Email Robert Sasser

Mermaids of Canyon Lake

Lyne Hall
Canyon Lake, CA 92587

Roadrunner Park

22850 Gray Fox Drive
Canyon Lake, CA 92587
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ShowCal Skiers

Stacy Norred
Phone: 303-588-2648
Email: Email ShowCal Skiers