Stage 1: Phases 1 - 9 Complete

The Canyon Lake POA owns and maintains 37 miles of private roads. The last major road paving project in Canyon Lake was completed in 2012/13. That paving project has resulted in streets that failed long before their expected design life and resulted in years of litigation against the contractor, suppliers, and engineers. So far, the contractor, Hardy and Harper, Inc. and the project engineer, Albert A. Webb Associates, have settled for $5,500,000 and those funds are currently in the Canyon Lake POA's Road Reserve Fund. The Canyon Lake POA currently has a total of $10,111,025.00 in the Road Reserve Fund, which includes that $5,500,000. Our team remains optimistic about recovering additional funds against the one remaining asphalt supplier from the 2012 project.

This 2022 project incorporates pavement improvements on over 1,300,000 square feet, over 55 segments of streets in Canyon Lake. This project is the first of a multi-year project intended to bring the pavement condition index of our streets up to an acceptable level. Most of our streets are in fair to poor condition, and the goal is to bring all of our 37 miles of private roads up to good condition and maintain them there.

Project Notices

The first part of this Road Reconstruction Project has nine total phases. Each phase is expected to take 2 weeks to complete and has anywhere from three to seven roads being worked on. It is our goal to keep all of members informed of the work happening on their street and throughout the community.  To help keep members informed, we have created a notification system for each phase. Members may subscribe to receive notices of the phase their property is in, other phases, or all phases. 

Road Reconstruction Project - 2022

Project Details

Project Funding

Project Funding

Our Road Repair Funding Plan is outlined on page 44 of our published 2021-22 Annual Budget (click here to view).

At the Regular Session Board Meeting on November 2, 2021 the Board of Directors approved the “Year One” 2022 Paving Project contract funding, plus a 10% contingency, in the amount of $5,639,790.00, to come from our Road Reserve Funds. Staff will work with the contractor to execute the contract, and work is expected to start this January, 2022.

Phase 1 Project Details

Phase 1 Project Stage Details

Following the concrete repairs beginning January 10, 2022, the first phase of Asphalt Replacement will begin on February 14, 2022. There will be 9 phases.

Each two-week phase of Road Rehabilitation will consist of:

  1. Notification of affected residents by garage door notices and all our media sources, at least one week in advance. Members are encouraged to sign up for project notifications (click here to sign up). 
  2. Removal of the top 3.5”  layer of existing asphalt on all streets in the phase.
  3. Pulverize and blend the remaining asphalt, base, and subgrade material and construct a new 8” thick layer of Cement Stabilized Pulverized Road Base (CSPB) material .
  4. Grading, proof rolling and Moisture Curing of the CSPB Road Base Material.
  5. Continued moisture curing of the CSPB the remainder of the first week, including Saturdays and Sundays (using a water truck to keep the material damp)
  6. New 3.5” thick asphalt paving and rolling likely started at the beginning of the second week.
  7. Raising utility covers and the completion of each phase.

Residents of each phase will also be notified by no parking cones, barricades, and signage, at least 48 hours prior to their phase. Each phase is expected to take 2 weeks. In general, residents should expect to park their vehicles outside the phase location during the hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. There will be no parking and extremely limited vehicular access to your home during those hours, Monday – Friday. Depending on the weather, some weekend work may be required and that will be announced as necessary. In general, the only weekend work will be the moisture curing, i.e.  2-3 passes with a water truck, per day.

This is a $5.6 million-dollar private road rehabilitation project, and we will be replacing approximately 1.3 million square feet of asphalt this year, on over 60 segments of our streets.  It is expected that we will continue with approximately $5.0 million worth of repairs again next year, and $2-3 million the following years, for several years. This project will be jointly overseen by the Canyon Lake POA General Manager and Director of Operations, along with GMU Pavement Engineering who will also be providing regular plant and site inspections, observation, and testing services to ensure the best possible quality project.  All streets included in this year’s project will undergo the very high-quality full depth reclamation process previously described. The currently scheduled completion date is June 3, 2022.

Phase 1 Project RFP (Closed)

Project Bid Details

On August 31, the Canyon Lake POA put out a Pavement Project RFP to eight invited paving contractors, requesting bids for the first year of a multi-year paving project. On September 24, five of the eight bidders returned bids. 

Project Leads

Eric Kazakoff, CAMEx® CCAM® CMCA®
General Manager
Email Eric Kazakoff
951-244-6841 x210

Steve Schneider, CCAM®
Director of Operations
Email Steve Schneider
951-244-6841 x500