Guest Access

Guest Call - In Services

Residents may authorize visitors to enter the community by either calling them in or using the Canyon Lake POA's online guest call-in system. All visitors must be called in and will be required to provide a valid driver's license to access the community. Guests will be issued a parking pass for parking on the streets/amenities. Parking passes are valid for the duration of the resident's authorization up to 10 days. 

dwellingLIVE Visitor Management

Through dwellingLIVE, the most advanced visitor management and access control software, members can quickly grant visitors and vendors access into the community. The following are useful links:

Best Guest Access Option: ePass

dwellingLIVE's ePass option is the best and easiest way for your guests to access the community. ePasses allows Canyon Lake POA members to email guest passes to their guests so they can either print the pass ahead of time, or the gate guard can scan their pass on their smartphone. Each manned lane is now equipped with wireless hand-held QR code scanners. Visitors can either hold up their smartphone or printed pass for the guard to scan (similar devices are used at airports to scan boarding passes and at popular chain restaurants like Starbucks®). Gate guards will issue printed parking passes to eligible visitors who haven't yet printed the epass out.

This feature is available by logging into dwellingLIVE online or through the mobile app. Members may also contact the Canyon Lake POA call center at 951-244-6841 option 0 to utilize this feature, as long as they provide their guest's email address to the operator.

dwellingLIVE Smartphone App

dwellingLIVE, has a FREE guest list app for both iOS and Android. This app allows members to easily manage guest lists and account information from their mobile device.

To get this free app, members should search “dwellingLIVE” in the app store from their phone. Members will need to know their login email and password to sign up.

Member Services Call Center

Members can call guests in 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 951-244-6841 and selecting option 0. Staff will ask for the Member name, property address, call-in code, and the name of the guest as it appears on their driver’s license.