Grand Marshal

We proudly announce that the Tuesday Work Group will be the 2023 Fiesta Grand Marshals! We are honored to recognize these dedicated volunteers who have been working tirelessly to improve the Canyon Lake community for the last 50 years.

The Tuesday Work Group is a group of volunteers who offer their time, labor, and grit to help maintain and beautify the golf course at the Canyon Lake Golf & Country Club. This group of golfing volunteers has been a Canyon Lake POA group for over 50 years, with a seven-member board led by Chairman Eric Schrader. With a roster of 40 to 50 members, some of whom have served for over 30 years, the group collaborates with the Canyon Lake POA's Operations department and Golf Course Superintendent to identify projects to enhance the golf course. From October through June, the Tuesday Work Group completes between 200 to 300 hours of volunteer labor each month on the golf course. Over the years, this group has saved the Canyon Lake POA a significant amount of money in labor and maintenance expenses.

The Tuesday Work Group has developed "crews" to perform routine maintenance on the golf course, such as sanding the divots on the golf course, trimming bushes and low-hanging branches, and repairing concrete. Even though golfers are responsible for repairing or filling the divots they create while golfing, many go unattended and damage the greens. The "Sanding Crew" goes out weekly to fill these overlooked divots. The "Trimming Crew" is another weekly crew that tackles the overgrowth of bushes and trees, an ongoing challenge on the golf course. The "Concrete Crew" has been integral in repairing the golf cart paths. This crew demolishes, grades, forms, mixes, and pours new concrete to replace cracked and failing paths with new ones.

In recent years, The Tuesday Work Group has been responsible for setting the giant boulders at each tee and mounting the bronze plaques there. They also repaired and painted the footbridges by holes #10 and #17. In the 2021/22 year, they removed and replaced over 100 feet of cart path! The Tuesday Work Group is a tremendous asset to the community, and we greatly appreciate all the volunteers and their contributions to the community.

The Tuesday Work Group is an inspiration to the Canyon Lake community and a shining example of how dedicated volunteers can make a significant impact. Their selection as Grand Marshal for the 2023 Fiesta Parade is a well-deserved recognition for their hard work and dedication. We are excited to honor them in the parade and recognize them for their contributions to the community. Congratulations to the Tuesday Work Group on this fantastic achievement!