pavement improvement project

Year 2

Work starts on the "Year 2" Pavement Improvement Project with concrete repairs and potholing the utilities starting Monday, December 4. The majority of this work will not affect resident access. However, parking may be affected. Temporary 'No Parking' signs will be posted 48 hours in advance in all work areas.

Most of this project will occur on the community's Longhorn side. Residents will be notified at least one week before that their street will be affected. General working hours will be Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Streets being reconstructed will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Vehicles should be parked in zones outside the area scheduled for reconstruction from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

View Concrete Phasing Plan (PDF)

About Coring

View AC Core Hole Map PDF
Crews will be performing 8 inch-diameter cores, up to a max depth of 4 feet, to identify existing asphalt layer thickness and collect some soil samples. There will be some noise, as a generator and drill motor will be used to core the pavement. The materials below the AC layer will be sampled using hand tools. The core holes will be backfilled and patched immediately after work is finished. 

The coring work may be a minor inconvenience for cars to drive around the work zone, but we don't anticipate any street will be directly blocked. Work is estimated to take place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

Year 2 Phases & Roads

Year 2 Phases

Phase Dates Locations
Phase 1 Jan 2 – Jan 12 Pyramid Point Dr.
Burning Tree Dr.
Old Wrangler Rd.
Phase 2 Jan 15 – Jan 26 San Joaquin Dr. W (north)
Inspiration Pt.
Buttercup Pl.
Granite Dome Pl.
Green Pine Dr.
Mammoth Pl.
San Joaquin Dr. E
Snow Water Pl.
Lupin Pl.
Phase 4 Feb 12 – Feb 23 Hoofbeat Wy.
Stampede Wy.
Dogie Pl.
Big Range Rd.
Pinto Dr.
Phase 5 Feb 26 – Mar 8 Mustang Ct.
Whirlaway Ct.
Tumbleweed Dr. (after Big Range Rd. intersection)
Big Range Rd. (after Hoofbeat Wy. intersection to Longhorn Dr. south)
Crusader Pl.
Pecos Pl.
Phase 6 Mar 11 – Mar 22 Tumbleweed Dr. (from Longhorn to Big Range)
Chapparal Wy.
Saddle Ct.
Old Paint Wy.
Drover Wy.
Scout Ct.
Bass Pl.
Sierra Tl.
Phase 7 Mar 25 – Apr 5 Longhorn Dr. (south-bound after Jump Lagoon to Happy Camp)
Appaloosa Ct.
Little Pony Dr.
Phase 8 Apr 8 – Apr 19 Strawberry Ln.
Silver Saddle Ct.
Red Barn Pl.
Longhorn Dr. (north-bound)
Phase 9 Apr 22 – May 3 Longhorn Drive (from the Big Range Road South intersection to before Red Barn Place)
Bronc Court
Buggywhip Court
Phase 10 May 6 – May 17 Longhorn Drive (between the Big Range Road North intersection and the Big Range Road South intersection)
Trigger Drive
Phase 11 May 20 – May 24 Longhorn Drive (from Vacation Drive to the Big Range Road North intersection)
Phase 3 Rescheduled to after Phase 11 San Joaquin Dr. W. (south)
Yosemite Pl.
Giant Fir Pl.
San Joaquin Dr. E (after Yosemite intersection)

About Project

The Canyon Lake POA owns and maintains 37 miles of private roads. The last major road paving project in Canyon Lake was completed in 2012/13. That paving project has resulted in streets that failed long before their expected design life and resulted in years of litigation against the contractor, suppliers, and engineers. So far, the contractor, Hardy and Harper, Inc. and the project engineer, Albert A. Webb Associates, have settled for $5,500,000 and those funds are currently in the Canyon Lake POA's Road Reserve Fund. The Canyon Lake POA currently has a total of $10,111,025.00 in the Road Reserve Fund, which includes that $5,500,000. Our team remains optimistic about recovering additional funds against the one remaining asphalt supplier from the 2012 project.

This 2022 project incorporates pavement improvements on over 1,300,000 square feet, over 55 segments of streets in Canyon Lake. This project is the first of a multi-year project intended to bring the pavement condition index of our streets up to an acceptable level. Most of our streets are in fair to poor condition, and the goal is to bring all of our 37 miles of private roads up to good condition and maintain them there.

Year 2 Project Information

Year 2 Project Funding

Year 2 Project Funding

The Canyon Lake POA Board approved funding in the amount of $7,800,000 for this project at the June 6, 2023, Regular Session Board Meeting. This project went to bid in April 2023 (click here to view the bid package). The current balance of the Canyon Lake POA's Road Reserve and Road Litigation funds is $8,764,000. When we move the funds budgeted for 2022/23 ($2,019,008) to this fund from the Operating fund, we will have $10,783,008 to use for this year's project. Each year, the Canyon Lake POA Board contributes more money to the Road Reserve funds for the purpose of continually maintaining our 37 miles of privately owned roads. The roads are the Canyon Lake POA's largest asset and maintenance liability.

Year 2 Project Documents

Year 2 Project RFP (closed)

Year 2 Project Bid Details

On April 21, 2023 the Canyon Lake POA put out the Year 2 Pavement Improvement Project RFP with a closing date of May 24, 2023. 

Year 2 Project Notifications